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About SMK

Quality labels and certificates

Why certify?

The compass for more sustainable business

SMK has been working as a foundation for 30 years to make products and operations more sustainable. SMK develops, manages, and tests sustainability requirements and standards. We do this together with an extensive network of governments, producers, industry organizations, civil society organizations, retailers, consulting firms, science, and chain parties.

What SMK does:

We focus on developing, managing and testing sustainability criteria. We do this by:

  • Develop and manage certification schemes for the issuance of certification marks.
  • Verification of compliance with requirements and issuing of certificates.
  • Apply certification.
  • Developing ambitious and objective sustainability standards.
  • Shape and content sustainability policy.
  • Developing benchmarks.
  • Tests of durability systems and quality marks.
  • Support’s communication on certification marks and programs: Guidelines, frameworks and information
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