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About SMK

Quality labels and certificates

Why certify?


Together we are working towards a more sustainable world. SMK helps companies from various sectors to reduce the environmental impact of their production and operations. This makes SMK the compass for more sustainable entrepreneurship. Through the strict sustainability requirements in the programs and labels, we are taking steps together with a large group of entrepreneurs towards a smaller and smaller footprint. In this way, we want to achieve a balance between the carrying capacity of our planet and our way of life. Only in this way can we create a more sustainable world.


With ambitious quality marks and programs, SMK provides the compass for the route to a more sustainable world. We place great value on reliability, work according to transparent processes and have partnerships with an extensive and international network of governments, producers, social organizations, and scientists. In this way, as an independent non-profit organization, we create not only support but also visible sustainability in sectors ranging from agri-food to energy.

Organizational Structure

SMK is an organization with over 20 employees led by a director/administrator. SMK has a Supervisory Board and several Boards of Experts. We explain the structure of the organization.

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We have been in existence for more than 25 years. As such, there have been many developments. From the creation of a new quality mark to projects, anniversaries and milestones.

Look at our history.

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Annual Report

Every year we write an annual report with an account of activities, use of resources and interesting facts from that year.

Interested in the events of recent years? Then read on.

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