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About SMK

Quality labels and certificates

Why certify?

Quality labels and certificates

SMK develops and manages sustainability criteria for various certificates and quality labels. These criteria are compiled in a certification scheme. The certification scheme also describes the subject matter of the assessment and the criteria used to check it.

Does a product or service satisfy all the requirements? Then it will receive a certificate. This is proof for entrepreneurs to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the program. For example, for more sustainable cowsheds by certifying for the Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij. If a product or service meets the requirements, it can receive a quality label in addition to the certificate. A quality label can be compared to a logo on a product. Think, for example, of the logo of On the Way to PlanetProof on your carton of eggs. The requirements for the programs are continuously assessed and regularly revised.

In addition, SMK certifies products and services for the EU Ecolabel on behalf of the Dutch government. SMK also conducts checks for Register Groenverklaringen and the TPAC committee tests all wood certification systems for the Dutch government.

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In addition to the seals of approval and certificates listed below, SMK regularly collaborates on various sustainability projects. To this end, we are working with organizations on the development of systems to test and ensure sustainability.

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On the way to PlanetProof

On the way to PlanetProof is an international quality label. It proves that a product is integrally more sustainable. With the label, farmers, horticulturalists and other businesses are working towards a production that is in balance with the carrying capacity of our planet. That is a better choice for nature, climate, and animals. The quality label can be found on dairy products, potatoes, vegetables and fruit, preserves, eggs, flowers, plants, trees and bulbs.

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Milieukeur is the national ecolabel for more sustainable non-food products and services with (inter)national certificate holders. Milieukeur’s criteria are based on the lifecycle of a product or service and include various sustainability themes. There are Milieukeur certification schemes for different (mainly business-to-business) product groups, such as concrete products, fire extinguishers, the healthcare sector, green electricity, and car cleaning products.

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EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the European Union, especially for more sustainable consumer products and services. It is supported by all EU member states, the European Commission and Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Products and services with the EU Ecolabel have been produced more sustainably. The label sets strict requirements for the use of raw materials, energy, water, harmful substances, waste, and packaging. SMK is the Dutch Competent Body for this quality label.

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Sustainable Florist / Nachhaltiger Florist

The international Sustainable Florist (or Deutsch Nachhaltiger Florist) certificate (Barometer Duurzame Bloemist) is for florists who operate sustainably. The certificate (bronze, silver, or gold) indicates that florists have more sustainable business practices and buy a sustainable assortment of flowers and plants. For consumers, the quality label gives them confidence that they are buying from a more sustainable florist; for organizations, it shows that they comply with Socially Responsible Purchasing.

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Milieuthermometer Zorg

The national Milieuthermometer Zorg is designed to make healthcare institutions more sustainable. The certificate (bronze, silver, or gold) gives a care institution a handy instrument for structurally improving its environmental performance and environmental care and for demonstrating this to staff, clients, visitors, and stakeholders such as health insurers, municipalities, and the competent authority. The gold level is linked to the Milieukeur quality label.

Groen Label Kas

The national Groen Label Kas (GLK) certificate is a precondition for greenhouse horticulturists to be able to participate in the government’s MIA and Vamil tax schemes, the Green Projects Regulation or for a BL Plus loan under the Agricultural Guarantee Credit. GLK promotes the sustainability of greenhouse horticulture and ensures that certified greenhouses meet environmental requirements in terms of climate, energy, crop protection, water, and light pollution. 

Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij

The national certificate Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij (MDV) is for cattle farmers conditional to participate in the fiscal government schemes MIA and Vamil or for the BL Plus loan under the Agricultural Guarantee Credit. For dairy cattle barns there is a link to the Green Projects Regulation. MDV stimulates the sustainability of livestock farming and ensures that certified stables meet requirements in terms of ammonia emissions, company and environment, fire safety, animal health and welfare, particulate matter, and climate.

Maatlat Schoon Erf

The national certificate Maatlat Schoon Erf (MSE) is for farmers conditional to participate in the fiscal government regulations MIA and Vamil. MSE stimulates the construction of low-emission courtyards for livestock farming, arable farming, flower bulb cultivation and fruit and tree cultivation. The certificate demonstrates that certified companies will comply with the European Water Framework Directive, which aims to achieve zero emissions to surface water by 2027.

Barometer Duurzame Evenementen

This is an environmental certificate whereby a sustainable event can score Bronze, Silver or Gold through environmental criteria. The gold level is linked to the Milieukeur quality label. The criteria cover a wide range of topics in which events can make sustainability gains, such as organization and management, energy, water, hygiene and cleaning, waste, mobility, location, catering, soil and greenery.

Barometer Duurzaam Terreinbeheer

The Barometer Duurzaam Terreinbeheer is a certification system at two levels (silver and gold) for more sustainable management of public areas. These include road verges, parks but also natural areas and, for example, private business premises and sports complexes. With this certificate, companies, organizations and governments demonstrate that their grounds management is carried out in a responsible and more sustainable manner.

Register Groenverklaringen

SMK facilitates this public register for new construction projects that meet the conditions of the Green Projects Regulation. This is important for applying for mortgage products with an interest rebate. This is a joint scheme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Ministry of Finance and Climate. They stimulate sustainable and innovative (construction) projects. The Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) assesses the projects on behalf of the Minister of Economic Affairs.


The Wood Procurement Assessment Committee (TPAC) assesses (inter)national wood certification systems against the Dutch procurement criteria and advises the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment on the subject. This committee was set up because the central government has committed itself to only purchasing in a sustainable way. The State Secretary decides which systems and their certificates/quality labels will be admitted to the Dutch procurement policy.

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Find a certificate holder

Open the map and see which companies are certified for one of the quality labels.

Did you know that there are certificate holders throughout Europe? We have certificate holders in Italy, France, Spain and more.

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